Here is everything you need to know about Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) and how to update it on the PNR.




It is mandatory for all commercial airlines on international flights to send guest and crew manifest data to the Advance Passenger Information System (APIS). APIS details must be updated prior to departure to avoid delay at the airport.

Etihad reservation offices, including contact centres, have to include the required Advance Passenger Information (API) in the Special Services Request (SSR) field at the time of creating a booking.

The three SSR elements used for this purpose are categorized as:

  • DOCS: for the primary travel document information (e.g. passport or national ID)
  • DOCO: for the secondary travel document information (e.g. visa)
  • DOCA: passenger address information (either residence or destination)

The above three SSRs should be passenger-associated (mandatory) and segment-associated (optional). Certain countries require all three pieces of information to be inserted in the travel record locator of the guest that enters or leaves the country.

Note: The name of the guest is auto-populated. However, you should ensure that there is a space between the first name and title to avoid a name mismatch between the reservation and travel documents.


Routes that require APIS information| DOCS:


































For PEK: The 3 SSR elements of the API i.e. passport information (DOCS), destination address (DOCA) and visa information (DOCO) are mandatory.

For Japan: Authorities of Japan require APIS for all guests travelling to Nagoya (NGO) and Narita (NRT). Passport information (DOCS) is mandatory.

For Germany: DOCS SSR is mandatory and must be updated for all guests including infants travelling to Munich (MUC), Frankfurt (FRA) and Dusseldorf (DUS). Additional mandatory APIS data is required for nationals who require a visa to enter Germany. Incorrect or missing data may result in a fine of up to EUR 50,000.

For India: Passport information (DOCS) and visa information (DOCO) is mandatory. 














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Live animals (restrictions apply) can be transported on Etihad Airways in the following ways:

1)    Pet in Cabin (PETC)

2)    Animal as checked baggage in cargo hold (AVIH)

3)    Manifested cargo

1)   Pet in Cabin (PETC)

Only falcons are permitted to travel inside the cabin on all aircraft types.

Carrier and Country restrictions for the origin, destination and transit have to be checked before accepting the reservation for any kind of live animals.

1.1 Falcons in Cabin

Conditions of acceptance

Etihad Airways accepts the carriage of falcons in the passenger cabin on all types of aircrafts subject to the following conditions:           

·         A valid health certificate and any entry permits required by countries of entry and transit must accompany falcons.

·         Falcons shall be carried in the passenger cabin at the owner’s risk.

·         Falcons must always be hooded and a chain or a rope must be attached to their legs in the passenger cabin or in the vicinity of other passengers in the terminal building etc.  

·         The maximum number of falcons carried on any one flight should not exceed 15 on all aircrafts.                                                          

·         Seats are allocated in the last row of the cabin of the ticketed class. If passengers are travelling in groups, they must be seated together. A window seat in the last row must be used for a single passenger with a falcon.

·         The falcons and perches are to be placed on the floor area in front of the seat. Plastic sheets should be used to cover the floor area under the falcons and over the adjacent seat. Falcons are not to be placed on the seats. Etihad Airways shall not provide perches. The falcon handler must arrange them. 

·         Often VIPs travel in groups, where a number of falcons are carried, accompanied by their handlers. Below seating procedure shall apply to the handler(s) and the falcon(s). 




First/ Business

·         2 falcons per guest (per seat) are permitted

·         2 additional falcons can be carried for every extra seat paid for


·         1 falcon per guest (per seat) is permitted

·         1 additional falcon may be carried for every extra seat paid for


Rate per Falcon - All Cabins


To/ From USA and Canada

USD 360



Short Haul

Within ME

USD 180

between ME & ISC

between BJS-NGO

Medium Haul

within ISC

USD 250

between ME & Asia                    

Between ME & Europe

Between ME & Africa

within Africa

within Europe

Long Haul

Between ME & SWP, JP,KR

USD 320

Between ISC & Asia

Between ISC & Europe

Between ISC & Africa

Within Asia

Between Asia & Africa (excld SWP,JP,KR)

Between Asia & Europe

between Africa & Europe

Ultra Long Haul

Between SWP,JP,KR & ISC

USD 390

Between SWP,JP,KR & Asia

Between SWP,JP,KR & Europe

Between SWP,JP,KR & Africa

Between SWP & JP,KR




GCC & ME points (UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, all offline points in ME)


India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka , Maldives, Afghanistan, offline points in ISC


Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam,  offline points in Asia


all European points


all African points


Japan & Korea


Australia , New Zealand, New Caledonia, offline points in SWP


US, CA, Offline points in Area1


With an Extra Seat (EXST)

If a guest has more number of falcons than what is permitted, an extra seat must be booked. The charge per seat shall be the fare which would have been charged to an adult passenger occupying such a seat. This applies to all classes and charges shall depend on the number of seats, the class and sector of travel.



First /Business

For one paid EXST 2 Falcons can be taken.


For one paid EXST 1 Falcon can be taken


Create a PNR for the handler and include additional seats in the same PNR.  The Guest names must be entered as below.   For the extra seat the last name (name field 1.1) must always be the actual guest’s name so leave it blank and the first name is FALCON EXST.  If the process is not followed correctly it will cause problems at check in.

Below SSRs have to be added to the booking associating to the mentioned name selection.





For falcon

Name for EXST


Falcons hooded and certificate accompanied

Name of guest



Etihad Airways accepts the carriage of falcons and guide dogs in the cargo hold compartment provided that all the necessary health documents and important licenses have been obtained. All other pets are acceptable only as manifested cargo.

Guide dogs have to be imported into AUH as manifested cargo only, except from USA. However they may be exported as checked baggage free of charge.

Conditions of Carriage

·         AVIH is not permitted within the cargo holds of the A340 (except for flights to/from USA), A319, and A320.

·         For countries known to prohibit the import/export of animals and birds as checked baggage, please refer to TIMATIC/ Embassy concerned.

·         All animals and birds should travel as manifested cargo via countries that do not allow the importation of animals as checked baggage.

·         Guest must be informed that these animals must be cleared at the cargo terminal upon arrival where they shall be examined by local veterinarian after producing the relevant import and health certificates.

·         The guest is responsible for providing all the applicable health documents, declarations and permits as required by governmental regulations of the country to which the pet is to be carried.

·         Container Requirements: Containers used to carry live pets must be clean, leak-proof and escape proof, soundly constructed and in good condition. The size of the container must not exceed the following measurements/dimensions: 135" length x 35" width x 50" height.

·         Containers for falcon should allow the pet to stand comfortably.

·         Containers for guide dogs to lead the blind or deaf should allow the pet to stand comfortably lie down with paws outstretched and turn around.

Full details of exact container requirements are clearly set out in the IATA Live Animals Regulations manual (LAR section 4). Of particular importance are the restrictions on the size and amount of pets that can be loaded into a container. Specific instructions regarding these limitations are detailed in the IATA Live Animals Regulations manual (LAR) and must be enforced to prevent injury or fatalities to any animal.

For more detailed information refer to the Cargo Services Manual or contact the cargo department.



All animals other than the above mentioned, can be transported on Etihad Airways, only as manifested cargo. Guests have to contact Etihad Crystal Cargo minimum 4 working days prior to departure for the carriage of animals (other than Falcons and Guide dogs to lead the blind or deaf).


Cargo Contact (in UAE)


UAE (Toll Free):    8002535

International:       009712-5091222

For out stations:  Contact local Etihad cargo offices

Blind and temporarily blind guests

Guests who are permanently blind are permitted to travel without obtaining medical clearance. Please let us know if your guest requires any specific assistance at the time of booking.


Guests who are temporarily blind are required to obtain medical clearance through MEDIF.


Please notify us of blind groups at least 48 hours in advance.


All reservations must be made through an Etihad Sales Office to create a PNR. Please make sure to add an SSR to the booking, select ‘BLND’ from the drop-down box and enter text as necessary, for instance, ‘UNACCOMPANIED’. Name and segment must be selected when you add the SSR.


Travelling with a guide dog

Guide dogs are permitted in the cargo hold for free as part of the checked baggage allowance. Always ensure that your guest has the correct permits and documentation for their pet to travel. Regulations may vary depending on the destination or country of departure, so it is always better to check well in advance.


Special assistance requests can be made through an SSR.


Human remains in an urn


The transportation of cremated human remains in an urn is permitted on all Etihad Airways flights. The urn must be packed in a sealed outer box or case and may be carried as cargo, checked baggage or cabin baggage.


Depending on the regulations at the departure airport, a valid death certificate may be required.


Human remains in a coffin


Coffins are permitted on all Etihad Airways flights and routes, subject to the relevant documents being submitted. The accompanying guest or agent must contact Etihad Cargo to make all of the necessary arrangements.


Required documents:


·         Death certificate

·         Passport copy

·         Contact number at both the origin and destination

·         Confirmed ticket for the accompanying guest (if applicable)

·         Flight details


For more information, please contact:


Etihad Cargo Customer Services

+971 2 599 0099

800 2535 (toll-free within the UAE)


Check whether your guests are eligible for our complimentary Etihad Chauffeur service


  • The Etihad Chauffeur service can be availed only in AUH for guests holding confirmed reservations only in The Residence (P), First (F, A, R) and Business Flex (J, C, D) and Business Classic (W) on Etihad-operated flights.
  • Exclusive members of the Etihad Guest programme are entitled to the Etihad Chauffeur service even when travelling in Economy Class on Etihad-operated flights (valid for commercial and redemption tickets).
  • Effective 14th November 2019, Gold and Platinum tier guests travelling on Redemption First & Business (O, I) bookings will be eligible for Complimentary Etihad Chauffeur Service within the UAE for one way.
  • All First and Business Class guests travelling on Etihad-operated flights marketed by other airlines are eligible for the Etihad Chauffeur service, except I and O classes.
  • For eligible guests on codeshare-marketed flights operated on Etihad Airways, codeshare airlines must book the Etihad Chauffeur service through, up to 12 hours prior to flight departure.
  • Guests travelling on other airlines (OAL) operated flights marketed by Etihad are not eligible for Etihad Chauffeur
  • The Etihad Chauffeur service is not applicable for Unaccompanied Minors (UM).
  • The Etihad Chauffeur service is not applicable for children between 2 and 12 years
  • Discounted Tickets AD (Agent Discounts), ID (Industrial Discount), DG or any other FOC (Free of Charge) tickets, including redemption tickets, are not entitled to this service.
  • Diplomatic guests travelling on DP discounted tickets are entitled to the Etihad Chauffeur service on F, A, J and C RBDs only.
  • The Etihad Chauffeur service is not applicable on American Airlines (AA) redemption tickets issued on flights operated by Etihad.
  • The Etihad Chauffeur service is not available on complimentary tickets or for complimentary upgrades from Economy Class to Business Class.
  • Guests transiting in Abu Dhabi are eligible for the Etihad Chauffeur service only if a stopover indicator is present on the ticket.


Effective 04 December 2019, guests who purchase tickets in first or business class on other airline ticket stock (non 607) travelling on Etihad Airways operated flights will no longer be eligible for complimentary chauffeur service.


  • All chauffeur requests made before 04 December will be honored, and any bookings made after 04 December will not be eligible for the service
  • If a guest makes a date change to their ticket, chauffeur eligibility will be based on the reissuance date 


The Etihad Chauffeur service is not eligible for non-revalidated/non-reissued tickets.


From 15 November 2019, we’ll be introducing a new service to help make navigating the airport quicker and easier. Available for travel from 20 November, Priority Access lets guests skip the queues with fast-track check-in, speedy boarding and priority baggage.


The service is only available through our Global Contact Centre or travel agencies.


What is Priority Access? 



How to book


Priority Access will be available for purchase from 15 November through our Global Contact Centres or travel agencies. We’ll issue an Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) and automatically update the booking.


How much does it cost?


·         Priority Access costs US $20 no matter where your guests are flying to or from.

·         Priority elements will be applicable on an Origin/Destination basis – e.g. A guest traveling from LHR to SYD will get priority check in and boarding in London; priority boarding in Abu Dhabi


During the first 28 weeks of pregnancy, guests do not need a medical certificate to fly, though we’d always recommend that they speak with their doctor before they travel.


Single pregnancy


From weeks 29 to 36, guests will require a medical certificate to fly, which they’ll have to present when they check in at the airport.

At the 37th week of pregnancy, guests will not be accepted to travel.


Multiple pregnancy


From weeks 29 to 32, guests will require a medical certificate to fly, which they’ll have to present when they check in at the airport.

At the 33rd week of pregnancy, guests will not be accepted to travel.


Medical certificate


Medical certificates must be original and presented during check in at the airport. The certificate must state that the guest is fit to fly, whether the pregnancy is single or multiple, the number of weeks of pregnancy and Expected Delivery Date (EDD).


The medical certificate must be:

·         Issued and signed by the treating doctor or midwife within the gestation period considered acceptable for travel

·         Issued on clinic or hospital letterheaded paper or stamped

·         Valid for 3 weeks from the date of issue

·         Written clearly in English or Arabic (other languages are accepted but must be verified by Etihad Airways check-in staff)

Extra Seat – Personal Comfort


For their comfort, guests are able to reserve an additional seat on board all Etihad Airways flights.


Extra Seat - Cabin Baggage


Guests may book an additional seat if they are travelling with cabin baggage that does not fit in the overhead storage locker.


Things to keep in mind

·         Guests will be charged the normal ticket fare for the additional seat

·         Only YQ, YR and any percentage-based taxes will be charged - all other taxes are exempt

·         The guest and their extra seat must be booked on the same RBD (Reservation Booking Designator) and PNR

·         This service is only applicable on Etihad-operated flights

·         IATA commission will be as per Etihad’s existing policy in each country of sale

·         A Global Service Fee (GSF) applies only to the guest occupying the seat

·         In the case of changes to the booking, penalty charges will apply for both the guest’s ticket and their extra seat ticket

·         Tickets can be booked and issued by Etihad Airways agents or external travel agents


Terms and conditions

1.      Large items, such as musical instruments, are accepted for carriage in the cabin

2.      Cargo and mail are not permitted to be carried on passenger seats

3.      Each item must not exceed the following dimensions:

Height: 45”/114cm

Depth: 9” / 22cm

Width: 17”/43cm

4.      The maximum weight of such baggage must not exceed 75kg/165lbs per seat

5.      All items must fit within the allocated seat area and not obstruct the aisle - large musical instruments may be placed on the cabin floor against the vacant seat and secured with an extension belt

6.      Items must not obscure the view of any cabin signs such as seat belt or exit signs

7.      All items should be packaged and/or covered to avoid possible injury to guests or crew

8.      All items are subject to security clearance for carriage in the cabin

A group is a party of:

  • 10 or more guests in Economy Class
  • 6 or more guests in Business Class
  • 4 or more guests in First Class


Infants are not included in the group size.


Any group booking must initially be created at an Etihad Sales office. Travel Agencies are not permitted to request any groups in the GDS on any Etihad Flights.

There are two major group types:

Ad hoc groups

A minimum of 10 guests (excluding infants) travelling together on the same outbound and inbound flights and dates. This is a one-off movement for specific dates.

There are several customer types under the ad hoc group type (such as Leisure, Meeting and Incentive, Labour etc.) based on the business nature of different traffic segments. Different customer types have different terms and conditions.

Series groups

A minimum of 10 consecutive movements of a similar group size (minimum 10 guests) from the same agent, or 200 passengers from the same agent in a travel pattern e.g. 10 guests every Tuesday, over the travel period 01 Mar to 31 Oct.

A minimum of 10 guests qualify for a group fare. If the group reduces to less than 10 guests, the booking will be treated as individual passengers and the group fare and terms and conditions will no longer be applicable. Individual market fares will apply.


As per IATA Resolution 830d, from 1 June 2019 we require all travel agents to:


·          Actively ask guests whether they wish their contact details to be provided to airlines for the purpose of contacting them in an operational disruption.

·          Update the applicable SSR where the guest agrees to provide their contact information.

·          Advise the guest that they may not receive information from the airline relating to flight cancellation or schedule changes when they refuse to provide contact information. The refusal must be recorded in the booking.


Special Service Requests (SSR)


IATA has provided SSRs designated for the purpose of capturing the above details in the booking as follows:


CTCE: Passenger contact email address

CTCM: Passenger contact mobile phone number

CTCR:  Passenger contact refused



The following conditions must be met in order to comply with regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the Hajj:


·         Hajj flights will commence on 4 July, 2019 until midnight of 5 August, 2019 – Hajj guests will not be accepted after this deadline

·         GCC nationals performing Hajj must have an official Hajj permit

·         All non-GCC nationals performing Hajj must have an official Hajj visa and a return ticket

·         All Hajj guests must have confirmed return flight

·         GCC nationals arriving after the deadline may be accepted if they have a Hajj permit, which must be presented at immigration upon arrival

·         Failure to present a Hajj permit will result in deportation and a fine of SAR 200,000 against Etihad – applies to all arrivals into Jeddah (JED) and Medina (MED)

·         Hajj visas are not required by GCC nationals travelling via Jeddah (JED) and Medina (MED)

·         Guests travelling for Hajj are not permitted to travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia via Dammam (DMM) or Riyadh (RUH)

·         Etihad Airways shall not transport females under the age of 45 for Hajj unless accompanied by relatives listed on their Hajj visas

·         In the event of violating this requirement, females shall be returned to the country they arrived from on the same flight and all associated costs shall be borne by Etihad

·         Hajj landing cards will be distributed at Abu Dhabi (AUH) and all Hajj guests must complete their Hajj landing cards prior to arriving in Jeddah (JED)

·         Each pilgrim is permitted to carry a maximum of five litres of Zamzam water


Download our Hajj instructions for more information >


You need to apply the Indian Goods and Services Tax (GST) on fares, fees, ticket changes, refunds, and ancillaries connected to Indian tickets.  Read everything you need to know here.


Corporate Travel Booking

If you’ve made a corporate travel booking directly with Etihad Airways and need a GST invoice for a business registered in India, please email within 48 hours of making the booking.


We require the following information to issue the GST invoice:


·         Booking reference

·         Company full name

·         Company’s Indian GST Identification Number (GSTIN)

·         Company address in India (including State)

·         Company email address to which the invoice should be issued

·         Company telephone number


By providing the above information you confirm that the GST invoice relates to legitimately incurred travel expenses. The applicant and the entity mentioned in the details indemnify Etihad Airways from all costs incurred in the event that any of the details that have been provided are incomplete or incorrect.


If a guest requests a longer connection between journeys, please add an ARNK between the segments. Adding the ARNK ensures the segments do not get cancelled during the re-accommodation process.


Special Assistance


Guests requiring special assistance should complete a Special Service Request at least 48 hours before their flight.


Our crew are fully trained to assist guests with reduced mobility, hearing impairments or vision impairments, and we have a number of wheelchair options available. Please simply request assistance in advance to avoid delays at the airport.


Assistive devices such as canes, crutches and foldable walkers are allowed in the cabin, but they must be securely stored before take-off and landing. Cabin chairs are available on board all of our flights to assist non-ambulatory guests to move to and from the aircraft lavatory. The majority of our aircraft are also equipped with accessible lavatories. Electric wheelchairs must be dry-cell operated in order to meet our cabin safety requirements.


Guide dogs are permitted in the cargo hold for free as part of checked baggage allowance. All pets must have the correct permits and documentation to travel, and these regulations may vary from one destination to another.


Medical Clearance


Some conditions may require guests to seek medical clearance before flying.


Medical clearance is required if the guest:

·         Suffers from any condition which is believed to be actively contagious

·         Suffers from any condition that may be adversely affected by flying

·         Is likely to be a hazard or a cause discomfort to other guests due to their physical or behavioural condition

·         Is considered to be a potential hazard to the safety or punctuality of the flight

·         Requires special assistance

·         Has recently undergone major surgery

·         Suffers from an unstable physical or psychological condition

·         Requires a stretcher

·         Requires in-flight oxygen, portable oxygen concentrator (POC) or ventilator

·         Requires the use of battery-powered* medical equipment on board (except for CPAP) 

·         Requires a medical procedure during the flight (e.g. injections)


*Only dry-cell operated devices are accepted onboard


Before a guest receives medical clearance to fly, they must complete and submit a MEDIF (Medical Information for Fitness to Travel) form to the nearest Etihad Airways Ticketing Office or Contact Centre at least 72 hours before their flight. Incomplete forms will not be accepted for assessment. The MEDIF form must be submitted along with a recent medical report from their treating physician (in English). The medical report must have been issued within 14 days of travel.


Etihad Airways Medical Centre (EAMC) will determine whether a guest is fit to travel and will notify them if a separate MEDIF is required for the return journey. If approved, EAMC will issue a Medical Certificate through the respective Ticketing Office. Guests may be asked to present the certificate at any time during their journey.


Etihad Airways must be notified immediately of any changes prior to travel. In the event that the medical condition changes during the journey, guests will be required to obtain another MEDIF form to continue travelling.


Onsite Assessment


You can arrange same-day clearance to fly with our fast-track onsite assessment. Our onsite physician will assess guests and determine whether they are fit to fly on the same day.


AED1,500 per visit in Abu Dhabi

AED2,000 per visit in Al Ain, Dubai and other locations outside of Abu Dhabi


Call +971 2 599 0000 or email to book


Nurse On Board


Guests with a medical condition can fly with peace of mind thanks to our Nurse On Board service. Our fully-trained nurse will be on hand throughout the entire journey; they’ll ensure that all medical forms and documents are in place, assist with boarding and offer medical assistance during the flight.


Call +971 2 599 0000 or email to book 

Etihad Airways launched combinable First (F), Business (J) and Economy (Y) fares for all point of sales across the Etihad network on 14 November, 2019.


Ø  Mixed Cabin tickets can be issued only from Contact Centres and Travel Agencies. The guest may request to be upgraded to the cabin he has paid for if it becomes available before travel. However, the ticket exchange has to performed before reaching the airport.

Ø  This product is not available online

Ø  To achieve the combination of cabins, segments may have to be booked separately

Ø  Economy benefits will apply to the leg booked in Economy

Ø  The guest will pay the highest of the combined fares used; i.e. if it is a combination of Y and J, J class fare will apply.



01 O DMM EY   322J  25NOV 1015A  JLRTSA/JF

02 X AUH EY   204J  25NOV  225P  JLRTSA/JF

03 O BOM EY   203Y  20DEC  910P  JLRTSA/JF

04 X AUH EY   323J  21DEC  210A  JLRTSA/JF



Here’s what you need to know about Multiflyer tickets:


·         Multiflyer tickets offer guests multiple passes for approved fares in a given market

·         For Economy Multiflyer bookings, use RBD “M”

·         For Business Multiflyer bookings, use RBD “D

·         Agents are permitted to upsell a Multiflyer ticket issued in Business to “C” and “J”

·         Open-dated segments are not permitted

·         Guests can make as many changes as they need to up until the end of the travel validity period

·         Multiflyer tickets are non-refundable.

·         A fuel surcharge fee (YQ) is included in the fare

·         All other taxes must be charged according to the selected route

·         Normal fare rules apply

·         If a guest uses a flight segment out of sequence, the previous segment(s) will be forfeited and a new ticket must be reissued with the remaining coupons

·         Upgrades are not permitted on Multiflyer tickets




It is very important to record name information accurately, due to increasing Governmental requirements concerning Passenger Data. Ideally, the recorded name should match that in an official travel document, e.g. a passport. As this may not always be possible, please follow these guidelines:





Enter the surname in the last name field and the given names (first and middle) in the first name field followed by the title.



When you have a hyphenated surname, an apostrophe in the surname or a double surname, delete the hyphen and apostrophe and replace with a space while entering the surname name in the last name field.


Single Letter Family Name

When you have a single letter as the surname, double the single letter and update in the last name field followed by the given names and title. The Etihad system inhibits the surname only when the single letter is I, Z, B and C as these letters are used for infant, stretcher, block space groups and corporate group bookings respectively.



When creating a booking and names are an exact match, add middle names and/or different titles (if applicable) to make them unique. Otherwise you should create a separate booking. 


No Family/
Last Name

When the surname is not available, update the name using one of the following formats:

  • Enter the given name in the last name field and enter the given name as FNU (First Name Unknown) followed by the title. LNU must not be used in the name field. Update the name on the booking as HABEEB MOHAMMAD/FNU MR
  • Enter the given name(s) in the last name field and add a title in the first name field is accepted by Etihad Airways. E.g. HABEEB MOHAMMED/MR

No Given/
First Name

When the given names (first and middle) are not available:

  • Enter the surname in the last name field and update the given name as FNU followed by the title of the guest. E.g. JACK/FNU MRS
  • Enter the the given name in the last name field, and update the title in the first name field. E.g. SMITH/MRS


To accommodate name suffixes (such as Junior, Senior or III) add the suffix to the surname in the last name field followed by the given name and title in the first name field.


Etihad reservation system accepts only up to 28 characters in each name filed (first name/ last name). When the name is longer or when there is insufficient space on the ticket, add as many names as possible from the first name and surnames on the passport and omit the rest. However travel docs (SSR DOCS) must be updated with full names.

E.g. if the last name is  AMARASINGHE ARACHCHIGE and the first name is SAMINTHA NIRMANI PERERA, update the name on PNR and ticket as AMARSINGHE/SAMINTHA MR

Full Name on one line  


If the full name is in one line on the passport, check the name on MRZ. MRZ refers to Machine Readable Zone, at the bottom of the identity page at the beginning of a passport.


where, P  indicates the type of document  (Passport)

EGY indicates the country code

SHAHIN is the surname (surname always follows the country code without any space or separators)

AHMED<MAGED<MAHMOUD<ELSAYED is the first name and subsequent names

Update the name on the booking as SHAHIN/AHMED MAGED MAHMOUD ELSAYED MR

Name with special characters


While entering names with special characters e.g. umlauts, agents need to check the MRZ on the guest passport and enter the name accordingly.

If the surname is LÅÅS and the given names are GöRAN TONY BERTIL, and the MRZ is P<SWELAAAAS<<GOERAN<TONY<BERTIL

where, P  indicates the type of document (Passport)

SWE indicates the country code

LAAAAS is the surname, Å is entered as AA

GOERAN<TONY<BERTIL are the given names where ö is entered as OE

Update the name on the booking as LAAAAS/GOERAN TONY BERTIL MR


If your guests are flying with us to or from Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf or Paris-Charles de Gaulle, they can use our Rail & Fly service, in partnership with German rail company, Deutsche Bahn, and French rail company, SNCF.


How does Rail & Fly work?


1. Guests will receive an email with their flight e-ticket reference number and train confirmation number

2. When they arrive at the airport, guests must collect their baggage before making their way to the train station

3. Train ticket collection:

        a. Deutsche Bahn: Tickets can be collected from a self-service kiosk at the train station or printed from - Tickets cannot be printed more than             72 hours in advance

        b. SNCF: Tickets can be collected from the TGV AIR counter at the train station – Guests must present their e-ticket and a valid form of ID

4. Guests can take a Deutsche Bahn / SNCF train to any station in the corresponding rail network


The rail segment of the trip is only valid in conjunction with the flight segment


Find out more here.



The Air Passenger Protection Regulations in Canada requires children under the age of 14 years travelling to or from Canada to be seated in close proximity to their parent, guardian or tutor.


Guests are able to purchase seats together when they book their flight or for free when they check in online. We will also do our best to seat families together during check-in at the airport at no extra cost. 


Etihad Airways offers guaranteed STPC (stopovers paid by Etihad) for all eligible Premium guests transiting in Abu Dhabi. Economy guests on certain routes are entitled to STPC.


STPC applies only for guests with a transit time of between 8 and 24 hours, following their first scheduled connecting Etihad flight.


Make your STPC request by contacting your local EY office.

For tickets issued from 01 November 2018, stretcher guests will be charged the highest Y RBD EY one way sector level fare (YOW11) multiplied by the number of seats booked. 



•Stretcher cases are accepted onboard only for travel in Economy for which six, eight, nine or twelve seat positions may be required.

•Stretcher is permitted on Etihad Airways prime operated flights only and not on OAL configured aircraft types.

•Medical Clearance is required for stretcher cases. This service must be requested at least 72 hours prior to departure. Stretcher service is not permitted for infants.

•Medical Escorts are mandatory for the acceptance of guests if it is mentioned in the medical certificate issued by Etihad Airways doctor. Non-medical escorts are permitted to accompany medical cases unless there is a need for a qualified nurse or doctor.

•Foreign carriers cannot accept stretcher passengers in and out from Shanghai as per the revised Aviation Security Regulation for Shanghai Airports (both SHA & PVG).



• Guest is charged the highest Y RBD EY one way sector level fare (YOW11) multiplied by the number of seats booked. For connecting flights, the fare applicable to the higher number of seats will apply. E.g. If a STCR guest starts journey on a A319 aircraft type and then transfers onto an A330, 9 seats for the entire journey must be purchased (although 3 seats are not used on the second sector).

• All applicable taxes must be collected for the stretcher guest. For the STCR seats (tickets), only YQ and YR are charged; all other taxes are exempted.

• The maximum weight of the guest that can be accommodated on a stretcher is 120 kilos.


























For assistance with any bookings or queries related to The Residence, please email the Travel Concierge at  or call +971 2 5990380.

Reservation policy for The Residence

  • Bookings are to be made in “P” class.
  • A maximum of two guests - of which one guest may be an infant - can be booked on a PNR. If an infant is the second passenger, the guest is permitted to carry an approved car seat with them as The Residence is not equipped with a bassinet. Otherwise the infant will travel in the lap of the guest.
  • No child/infant discount applies.
  • Always seek agreement directly from the primary guest or booking agent before adding the accompanying guest.
  • If the primary guest wants to add a guest:
    • Before travel commences, refund P1 ticket and issue new tickets with P2 fare level
    • Once travel commences, purchase a one-way ticket (P1) for the additional guest
  • A name change is permitted only for the accompanying guest, subject to certain terms and conditions. Please contact the VIP Concierge Desk for details.



Notes: You can process refunds by manually deducting the applicable refund penalty. Automated Exchanges and Refunds (AER) are not currently activated for this process. Please contact the VIP Concierge Desk for assistance.


Before a child’s 2nd birthday, they are classed as “infants”.

Each infant must be accompanied by one adult. Each adult is only allowed to accompany one infant.

This is a GCAA safety requirement.

It is possible for one guest to book tickets for more than one infant, however they must arrange for one adult per infant.



Bassinets are carried in limited quantities on Etihad aircraft and can accommodate infants up to a maximum weight of 11kgs (24lbs) on the day of travel. The infant must not exceed 11kg and must fit comfortably in the baby bassinet.

At the time of check-in, if the infant is found to be over 11kgs, the BSCT request will be removed and the guest will be advised. All guests with BSCT requests will be advised that cabin crew will check onboard to confirm the bassinet can be used safely.

Dimensions of a baby bassinet:

  • Length – 29 inches
  • Width   – 13 inches
  • Height – 8.5 inches



Guests must request a bassinet at least 24 hours before departure.  Click here to know more.

When children between 5 and 11 years of age travel alone, we call them “Unaccompanied Minors” (UM), and they are entitled to our UM service. 

For an additional fee, you can request the UM service for children between 12 and 17 years of age. To request this service, parents or guardians must complete the online Unaccompanied Minors booking form.  


Unaccompanied Minors (aged 5-11 years)

1.      Children aged between 5 and 11 years old are considered to be Unaccompanied Minors (UM).

2.      Our Unaccompanied Minor service is free for children aged 5 to 11 as long as they are booked on an adult fare, and the service has been pre-booked before arriving at the airport. If the service has not been arranged in advance, a fee will apply at the airport.

3.      Occasionally, it may not be appropriate for children with special needs to travel unescorted if the level of care which they require exceeds that which our crew are able to provide. Cabin crew are not permitted to assist in the toilet, administer a guest's medication or feed guests.

4.      The Unaccompanied Minor must be escorted to the airport and met on arrival by the parent or guardian mentioned on the UM form.

5.      The parent or guardian must be present with the child at check-in and ensure that the child has all of the relevant forms and documents to travel alone. Check-in must be completed at least two hours before your child’s flight.

6.      Unaccompanied Minors are permitted to travel on connecting flights operated by Etihad Airways, provided that the transit time does not exceed 8 hours.

7.      Travel on itineraries involving other airlines is not permitted for Unaccompanied Minors. All flights must be operated by Etihad Airways.

8.      Unaccompanied Minors with medical conditions shall be accepted after obtaining medical clearance from Etihad Airways Medical Centre (EAMC).

9.      Unaccompanied Minors are not permitted to sit in emergency exit row seats.

10.  Children (accompanied minors) travelling with adults in different cabins shall be treated as Unaccompanied Minors.

11.  Unaccompanied Minors travelling from Abu Dhabi are not eligible to be checked in from Abu Dhabi and Dubai city terminals.

12.  Etihad Chauffeur and coach services are not provided to Unaccompanied Minors.

13.  Unaccompanied Minors travelling in premium cabins (First or Business) or those eligible for lounge access via an Etihad Guest tier, may not be able to use the lounges in airports other than Abu Dhabi. If the lounge is not operated by Etihad Airways, we cannot guarantee supervision and the level of care, and therefore we may require the guest to report back to the check-in area at a nominated time and be escorted directly to the boarding gate, without lounge access.

14.  The Unaccompanied Minors transit lounge located within terminal 3 is available for all originating and transferring Unaccompanied Minors via Abu Dhabi.

15.  An Unaccompanied Minor form must be completed in full prior to travel on Etihad Airways operated flights.

16.  At least one copy of the completed and signed Unaccompanied Minor form must be taken to the airport on the day of departure.


Young Passengers (aged 12-17 years)

1.      Young Passengers (YP) between the ages of 12 and 17 are able to travel unaccompanied.

2.      Young Passengers may request our Unaccompanied Minor service for a fee. This service costs US $100 each way on direct flights or US $150 each way for journeys which involve connecting flights.

3.      Young Passengers are permitted to travel on connecting flights operated by Etihad Airways, provided that the transit time does not exceed 8 hours. Travel on itineraries involving other airlines is not permitted for Unaccompanied Minors. All flights must be operated by Etihad Airways.

4.      The Young Passengers Fee applies to all single journeys (inbound and outbound) and is non-refundable.

5.      Occasionally it may not be appropriate for Young Passengers with special needs to travel unescorted if the level of care which they require exceeds that which our crew are able to provide. Cabin crew are not permitted to assist in the toilet, administer a guest's medication or feed guests.

6.      Guests between the ages of 12 and 17 years are not permitted to escort an Unaccompanied Minor. However, legal parents below the age of 18 will be permitted to accompany infants or children with relevant identification.